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About me 🤍


And welcome to my third baby, Mama Nourished Co. I’m De -  your postpartum doula! I’m also a wife and a mama to two little babes and I have a real passion for helping women build their village for a positive and rewarding fourth trimester (and beyond).

The concept for Mama Nourished Co (MNCo) really began in 2019, just after our eldest was born I started a blog to shed light on the early days of motherhood and create a village for myself. We lived 4000km away from family and the majority of our friendship group, so it was an important outlet during that time away and something I could do to remain connected to the woman that I was before I took on the role of "Mother". The blog changed and adapted over time, with many names and themes, but one thing remained true, my combined love of writing, mothering and a positive postpartum

In 2020, during our second pregnancy I decided it was finally time to pursue to my passion for the postpartum period. So I enrolled in Julia Jones’ “The Neborn Mother” course which provides training for postpartum doulas and loved it so much, it was an amazing opportunity to discover how many cultures around the globe truly honour and respect the postpartum period, as well as understanding how under-appreciated the fourth trimester is in our western society. With this, I’m so thrilled to provide a range of services and price points for the families I work with - online postpartum planning sessions and multiple options for in-home doula support. When we work together, we dive deep into every facet of your postpartum, whether I’m supporting you virtually or in your home, you remain top priority from our very first conversation. The pillars we focus on to nourish, honour and nurture you postpartum are; nutrition, warmth, rest & support. 

When we work together virtually, we discuss how you can utilise your village to its full capacity and surround yourself with much needed support. We’ll uncover who best to have on call, who we need to set some stronger boundaries with, who can help you in supporting older siblings, we’ll put together a comprehensive nutrition plan, work through trauma from a previous postpartum period or birth, put together a list of providers local to you who you can rely on for their specific expertise and so much more. 

When we partner up for me to visit you in-person, all of the above is considered during our initial antenatal visit (during the third trimester) and I’m there for you to provide assistance with whatever you might need during our three hour visits that occur after the birth of your baby. You can look forward to me preparing meals for you in your own kitchen, stocking your fridge until the next visit, helping with older children, making appointments for you, holding the baby while you take a nice long nap or bath, assisting with breastfeeding support and settling the baby, gentle massage, some housework, a friend to listen to your birth story and be completely enamoured by your new baby! As a doula, I’m there purely as a support person for your family. You can put me to work during our visits and check in in between for additional support you might need. 

To ensure that adequate support is available to you during our time working together, I only take on two in-home clients each month. This means there’s no rushing, it’s slow, gentle and you feel well rested. My number one priority is making sure you feel loved and supported. I work with women Australia wide for our postpartum planning sessions and can provide in-home packages in the MacArthur and will on dilly regions from March 2022. If you’d like to have a chat about how this might look for you, send me an email at

Thanks for reading, I can't wait to get to know you all - De xx

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