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In-Home Postpartum Doula Suport

In-Home Postpartum Doula Suport

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- AVAILABLE FROM 1ST January 2022 -

The fourth trimester is a special time in our lives, that should be honoured. During this time, we rely on our village to provide us with a slow postpartum so we can take the appropriate amount of time to properly heal, establish feeding, bond with our baby and take special care of the partner/older sibling relationships. 

This package has been designed to provide in home support for women in the South Western Sydney and Wollondilly areas of NSW. To cater for a variety of family needs and budgets, this package has been developed with a range of visitation options and pricing. Nourishing, nurturing and honouring the new Mother is what I am all about; this means that I only take on two in-home clients per month and i will NEVER take the baby from you unless you ask me. It is not my job to hold your baby, it is my job to hold you as the new Mother. 

There are three packages available to choose from & all include an antenatal visit -

3 x 3 hour visits $600

6 x 3 hour visits $1100

9 x 3 hour visits $1750

When you select this option, you will receive:

- An at-home visit during your third trimester, to stock your freezer and help prepare you for your birth and postpartum. During this visit we discuss all of the crucial components of postpartum care that I can offer you, what's important to you during this time, anything outside of my expertise that you need help in facilitating. 

During each 3 hour visit I can assist with;

- Light house duties (laundry, kitchen, tidying, changing the bed sheets, etc)

- Preparing your meals for the week

- Preparing snacks/beverages

- Assisting with running errands; picking up the groceries, attending appointments with you, picking up the essentials for you. 

- Birth debrief session

- Holding the baby for you while you take a nap or a nice long bath

- Mother massage

- Help with older children

- A professional dog walker to help take care of your fur babies each week (currently only available in the Macarthur region

- Sit with you while you enjoy your new baby!

Like the sound of postpartum doula support in your fourth trimester? Let's chat! Shoot me an email hello@mamanourishedco.com or fill in the contact form in my main menu and i'll get in touch.  Afterpay and payment plans available.