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MNCo Antenatal Expressing Kit
MNCo Antenatal Expressing Kit
MNCo Antenatal Expressing Kit

MNCo Antenatal Expressing Kit

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This uncomplicated little kit provides you with everything you need to get your started on your breastfeeding journey! 

Antenatal Expressing is the practice of manually extracting the colostrum (the birthing person’s first milk) during the last few weeks of pregnancy - this shouldn’t be done before 37 weeks - and storing this liquid gold in the freezer until the birth of the baby/babies. 

Not only can antenatally expressing assist in building your supply before birth, it can also be quite an amazing resource to have on hand should your baby/ies require a stay in NICU or SCN, you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy or you just have a very hungry baby when they are welcomed earthside! Stored Colostrum is fantastic to have on hand for night two, when baby has woken from their sleepy post birth state and ready to get some calories in 🤍

Our kit includes:

  • 5 x sterile 1ml syringes
  • 5 x sterile 2ml syringes
  • 1 medicine cup to express into - it’s easiest to collect the colostrum from the cup rather than straight from your nipple. 
  • An instruction card with information on expressing antenatally 
  • 12 labels for you to write name, date expressed, mls collected, maternal record number (MRN) on the syringes
  • A cylindrical container which you can pop straight into the container - included is a food safe liner which you can insert into the inside of the container when it comes time to store your colostrum in the freezer. 

Expressing during pregnancy is such a satisfying feeling! Knowing that you have a store of that beautiful liquid gold in your freezer for when your baby arrives, is such a fantastic backup for your newborn baby, or even your older babies. colostrum is thick and sticky, you don’t need to cap the syringes for them not to leak in the freezer, once you’ve sucked up the colostrum in the syringe, pop the food safe bag into the cylindrical tube and your syringes are ready to go straight into the freezer.

If you have any concerns when it comes to harvesting your colostrum, please speak with your midwife or obstetrician before commencing.
If this is your first time harvesting your colostrum, remember that breastfeeding is a learned skill and takes time to master, the same goes for expressing. Thinking of your baby while expressing gives you the best chance possible at getting lots of that beautiful liquid gold!